Your own website, made by Machinetrack

Do you not yet have your own website? Or do you want to give your current website a fresh, new look?

Then let us build a professional website for you. Of course entirely according to your wishes and in your own house style.

Website without hassle

A website brings a lot of "hassle" with it. For example, you need to buy a piece of space on the internet where your website can be placed, so that visitors can view it. This is called "hosting". There are many different hosting providers, but they are not all of the same good quality; for some, for example, the website is slow, or is often unavailable.

In addition, a website must also be maintained and secured. This way you prevent hackers from breaking in and thereby misusing your website.

If you purchase your website from us, we will take care of everything. So also reliable hosting, security and maintenance.

Customize your website yourself

Once built and online, you can easily customize your website yourself. Text, photos, adding or removing pages, etc. It's all possible thanks to our user-friendly software platform (also called "CMS") on Machinetrack.

Optimized for Google

Findability in search engines such as Google is essential for a website. We ensure that your website is technically fully optimized, so that visitors can find you quickly and easily.

Responsive design

Nowadays, many people view websites on a smartphone or tablet. We ensure that your website automatically adjusts to the smaller screen size. This way your texts and advertisements remain legible!

At a glance: why a website by Machinetrack?

  • Responsive design: your website automatically adapts to viewing on a smartphone and tablet
  • Registration form for your mailing list on your website
  • Contact form including spam check
  • Place and adjust advertisements, texts and images via Machinetrack
  • Customize the machine categories of your advertisements via Machinetrack
  • Per machine a response form for interested buyers
  • Quick search window for your ads
  • Photo slider with random photos from the stock
  • 3-language website (Dutch, English and German)

Get in touch!

Your own website starts with a telephone consultation. Then we map out your wishes and then create the first concept.

We are happy to make a non-binding offer for the construction of your website.

Make a telephone appointment

Why advertise on Machinetrack?

  • The largest (free) machine marketplace in the Netherlands
  • Free unlimited ads placement
  • Add movies, photos, and PDF documents for free
  • Full control over your ads
  • Import from other market places and your own website
  • Export to other market places and your own website
  • Choice of 4 packages, including 1 very extensive free package
  • Subscribe now = place ads immediately!
  • International reach
  • Have your own website made by Machinetrack, without any hassle!